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Michigan Timber Marketing & Forest Management Planning

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Jason W. Darling

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Darling Forestry, LLC

2725 Lamb Rd.

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Forest & Land Management

Technical assistance:

- Forest Health Analysis

- Forest Inventory

- USDA NRCS Forest Management Plan (106)

- USDA NRCS Fish & Wildlife Habitat Plan (142)

- Forest Stewardship Program

- Timber Sales

- Timber Marketing

- Wildlife Enhancement

-Watershed Protection

- Qualified Forest Program Tax Relief

Darling Forestry, LLC is a professional private forestry consulting company located in the heart of the Lower Peninsula. We focus on sustainable, long term management and offer a wide array of forestry services, which are tailored to client goals, visions and objectives.

All services provided by Darling Forestry, LLC are conducted in the utmost professional manner and utilize the latest technology and scientific information.  

What potential does your forest contain?A management plan helps distinguish the unique characteristics of your property, examines all the possible uses for your forest and prioritizes them.  Each property is different and management options vary depending on your goals and objectives.  Forest management can benefit the forested property, its owner and future heirs.

Darling Forestry is certified to prepare an array of Forest Management Plans:

USDA NRCS Technical Service Provider

Forest Stewardship Program  

Qualified Forest Program

American Tree Farm System

Darling Forestry, LLC Forestry, llc

How are you willing manage your property? What are your long term goals and objectives? Are you interested in improving your hunting property or improving wildlife habitat?

Owning land can become a great expense. Are you interested in reducing your property taxes? Perhaps the Qualified Forest Program may satisfy your needs.

Forest Inventory and Forest Management Planning Specialist

If you own forested property, a scientific analysis of the property is essential. From this analysis a detailed management plan and management recommendations can be developed.  

Management Plan Management Plan

Forest Management Plan

Forest Inventory

Timber Marking

Timber Sale Contracts & Marketing

Timber Sale Administration

Forest Health

Tree Planting

Timber Stand Improvement


Sugar Bush Management

Forestry Resources